Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Dear Readers,
While the rockets were falling, I held a contest to find a name for the new war.
After all, we have often seen a name without a war, but we have never seen a war without a name.

Someone immediately suggested, "milhemmet Shalom La-Galeel" which is not bad, especially if someone has just delivered toilet paper to your bomb shelter.

Anyway, here is the site where you can see who won: ( the contest, that is).
Notes from I-Told-You-So II New Article Posted 23/8

Just because the rockets have stopped falling down doesnt' mean they've begun falling up.And, another thing, what hit song introduced the musical review by IDF Reservists in south Lebanese Auditoriums last week?And, what is the tune to Frank Zappa's " Dog Breath Variations" and how is it connected to today's news?The answers you are NOT going to find in this article: in the next one, maybe.Barry


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